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Why the preference for organic food products under 10 titles can be summarized as follows :

1 Protecting the Next Generation : Future generations have to offer healthy foods to preserve them . A child in foodstuffs damage from cancer-causing pesticide risk, because it is more than that of adults , the child's future health depends on the right choice of foods .

2 Preventing Soil Erosion : Soil is the foundation of the food chain in organic farming . Chemical fertilizers and plant nutrition as a habit in the conventional farming , the soil structure is broken by wind or water erosion is inserted into a structure that can easily be lost .

3 Protecting Water Quality : water , body weight is 70 percent and our planet . Pesticides and other chemicals into groundwater and surface water resources and drinking water contamination indirectly by directly interfering with the people, especially the life of all living things fall into jeopardy .

4 Energy Saving: Modern agriculture than those used in other industries consume more gasoline and diesel . This consumption of gasoline and diesel oil used in conjunction with conventional agricultural machinery , one of agriculture input takes place during the manufacture of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides . In organic farming mechanization, much less when compared with conventional agriculture . At least done manually weed control , use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides , energy saving is provided.

Also the use of fossil fuels in the agricultural industry , as well as their exhaustion in a short time that pollution is the disadvantage of a vegetable oil obtained from the use of environmentally friendly fuels raises importance .

5 Of chemicals to purify Drug Residue : Many agricultural chemicals registered before cause cancer or any other disease research to determine whether they are subjected to . But they are manufactured to destroy living things , humans are also a high probability of harm . Pesticides as well as likely to cause cancers , birth defects in the nervous system and it is determined that they may cause genetic disorders . Used systemically (ie, entering into its structure ) is the main cause of this risk pesticides .

6 Protect Agricultural Workers : intense and uncontrolled use of agricultural chemicals , especially in countries where the health of agricultural workers are at greatest risk . This person is a high probability of getting cancer . Each year, approximately one million people are estimated to poisoning from pesticides .

7 Squatter to Boost Farmers' Income Level : Many organic farmers engaged in agricultural production , family business and working as farm land is too small . Organic sales prices of agricultural products is high compared to conventional agricultural products , inputs such as synthetic fertilizers and pesticides used have a very limited or no use of this scale may increase the profit margin of the business .

8 Delivering Economic Production : Organic agricultural product prices are more expensive than conventional products is a fact. However, when conventional food costs account for the unseen , they are more expensive organic foods shall occur . For example , in conventional agriculture synthetic inputs quite varied and must be used in excess and as a result of their use , hazardous wastes that create disposal problems arise. Synthetic inputs can be used in organic agriculture is rather limited amount of resources required in such activities compared to conventional separation will be much less .

9 Ensure Biodiversity : Conventional agriculture is mostly the same type of product / products is continuously cultivated for many years . Therefore exploited soil nutrients and minerals used in an increasing number of synthetic fertilizers is attempted again buried . Synthetic fertilizers destroys the soil microflora , earthworms , beneficial insects or their eggs can kill the larvae in the soil .

Single products , which are harmful in that product causes an increase in the intensity of pests . This makes mandatory the use of pesticides . Pesticides, drug resistance mechanisms that strengthen unable to inhibit the proliferation of pests , to increase the frequency of dosage or application , even with the introduction of another new drug is next on the agenda . Intensive application of pesticides to plants infested with pests, predators, the annihilation of their enemies and / or causes poisoning of birds that feed on insects . In contrast, organic pest control in organic farming businesses through the use of preparations surrounding the viability of other beneficial animals and insects is based on the .

Animal manure , natural plant nutrients , mineral additives , pheromone traps as well as products with direct contact with the biotechnical methods , a good product alternation scheme , and especially green fertilizers by crops to be grown in need of food , as provided , soil structure and soil microflora is maintained. Protection of biodiversity and organic farming as well as for the success of deterioration of the balance of the eco-system is required.

10 Creating a richer aroma in products : Yank available in the area or region is very adaptable crop varieties , grown in organic agriculture , they lose something of their unique taste and aroma . Of organic product which has been produced without the use of synthetic chemicals attractiveness may be lower than conventional products , but nutrient, mineral , vitamin content , flavor and aroma , as well as post-harvest shelf-life is more than conventional products .

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